The British Virgin Islands – one of the most attractive offshore locations worldwide!

The British Virgin Islands – one of the most attractive offshore locations worldwide!

by Oliver Staab

The location is characterized by a very company-friendly company and stock corporation law as well as economic and political stability. There is no taxation on sales, international transactions and bank transactions, capital or corporate profits. But not only this makes the Caribbean state one of the leading offshore financial centers in the world. Due to the fast registration within a few days, the high degree of confidentiality, the official language and the US dollar currency, the British Virgin Islands are a preferred place to start a business. The team of the Business Center Zug advises you on the design possibilities competently and comprehensively. The Virgin Islands are among the many oldest offshore facilities on the earth. Virtually 41 p.c of all offshore corporations worldwide are based there, and the popular type of firm is the International Business Company (IBC). Many worldwide banks are represented within the Virgin Islands (Scotia Financial institution, London Worldwide Financial institution and Belief Firm Ltd., The Financial institution of East Asia (BV) Ltd., First Carribean Nationwide Financial institution). Foreign exchange controls are not carried out. This facilitates money transfer for commercial and investment purposes while protecting privacy.

The US dollar is both legal tender and standard currency. There are no restrictions on the movement of dollar funds. US dollars can be converted freely into other currencies. We will gladly give you further information during a personal consultation in the Business Center Zug.

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