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Company Formation abroad with the Business Center Zug

You would like to start a company abroad, which complies with the international CFC rules and meets current substance requirements? Starting from our headquarters in the canton of Zug in Switzerland, we offer you German- and English speaking advice and support on international company foundations, relocation, non-dom status, banking service, family office and much more. And of course always without any hidden costs, because the Business Center Zug offers you full-service packages for the company foundation including complete documentation, full banking service and a complete corporate kit for the immediate use of your company.

Our service, accompanied by a German full-time lawyer in our company, guarantees you professional support during the entire funding process and offers you a selection of international private and commercial banks as well as fintech companies in Europe, North and South America and in the world’s leading offshore financial centers.

Our Business Center in Hünenberg, Canton Zug/Switzerland, you can use regardless of the state of residence of your company to your liking. Here you will find state-of-the-art office infrastructure, a pleasant working environment in a comfortable business loft in the heart of central Switzerland and in the midst of “CryptoValley”, reception service, co-working space, day offices, meeting rooms with the latest videoconferencing technology and many other business support services. We are happy to help!

Panama – one of the most attractive company locations worldwide

Panama offers you extremely attractive CFC rules at the national level. In addition, the Panama Company is able to adapt quickly and flexibly to national CFC rules abroad as needed. Through the principle of territorial taxation, liberal accounting and accounting requirements and the potential use of nominees (trustees), as well as the diverse range of modern banking solutions, Panama is one of the most attractive corporate locations worldwide.

The Republic of Panama is located in Central America between Costa Rica in the north and Colombia in the south. Above all, the Panama Canal is known, which still plays a significant role in the economy of the country. Panama has a population of about 2.3 million people.

The official language is Spanish, but predominantly English is spoken in the conurbations Panama City and Colon.

Panama became an independent republic in 1903 and is characterized by continued stability and a good business climate. The head of state is a president who is elected every five years. Due to the geographical location of the country, the location is particularly suitable for companies that want to operate in the sectors of raw materials, transport and logistics. What kind of design options you have, you will find out in a personal consultation with the company lawyer of the Business Center Zug.

The infrastructure is excellently developed, both for the presence of international banks and courier services, as well as excellent telecommunications facilities.

Panama City’s international airport offers connections to every major city in North and South America.

Panama taxed only domestic income. The Panama Company is thus not subject to national corporation tax, provided that the profits of the company were generated outside Panama.

There is no minimum capital planned; the standard capital is USD 10,000.00, but it is not payable. Nominee shareholders can be used on request. There is no accounting obligation, provided that profits were generated exclusively outside Panama.

The company in Panama is not an offshore company. Rather, the main advantages of this location are based on so-called territorial taxation, low bureaucracy and the exceptional possibility of being able to flexibly design and adapt the Panama society in its structure. The Business Center Zug is happy to advise you!

Formation expenses: 2.900 USD