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CoWorking gives you all the advantages of a full-time office, but you only pay for the desks that you use. In our modern business loft in Hünenberg, we offer fully equipped, generous workstations in our CoWorking Space, also as Dedicated Desk. In the middle of the “CryptoValley” and in close proximity to the international financial and commercial centers Zug and Zurich, in a very convenient location in the heart of central Switzerland, you will find the ideal space for flexible working, building your network and exchanging ideas with innovative, creative people in the “community”. In the same building, you will find a kindergarten and a post office. Simply rent the exact number of desks you need for exactly the amount of time you need. CoWorking is also possible on an hourly basis. Be it StartUp, Freelancer or an established company – the Business Center Zug offers Co-Working spaces in the open area, team offices or a single office. What can it be for you? Attractive conditions, HighSpeedInternet, brilliant videoconferencing technology and a friendly reception service complete our offer. Call us, we are happy to advise you on our other Business Support Services: +41 41 5100 185.

BCZ takes care of You – competence and efficiency

Your satisfaction is our top priority. The proven internationally experienced team of Business Center Zug stands for competence and efficient, first-class advice.

In close cooperation with the Department of Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zug, the Federal Tax Administration, the Commercial Registry Office and highly qualified lawyers and notaries on the ground, Business Center Zug is in a position to start up, convert or restructure companies of any legal form in no time.

In the tax-efficient and business-friendly Canton of Zug, we support you on request very concretely in the business development. In addition, Business Center Zug assumes management and administrative mandates for you or assists you in acquiring cantonal or Swiss licenses to carry out your business activities.

Whether domiciliation or trademark application, whether company statutes or residence permit – Business Center Zug offers its customers a comprehensive corporate service with a global focus. With a Swiss company, you can do business with partners all over the world, even without being present in Switzerland.

With the best networking in the canton and the whole of Switzerland, we ensure that your company is founded smoothly and supports you in administration, human resources and legal and tax matters. Business Center Zug makes contacts for you and looks after the relocation of your employees.

Individual care is important to us. In the end, there is a tailor-made solution for your company in Switzerland!

Ask us, we will advise you!

Company Formation abroad with the Business Center Zug

You would like to start a company abroad, which complies with the international CFC rules and meets current substance requirements? Starting from our headquarters in the canton of Zug in Switzerland, we offer you German- and English speaking advice and support on international company foundations, relocation, non-dom status, banking service, family office and much more. And of course always without any hidden costs, because the Business Center Zug offers you full-service packages for the company foundation including complete documentation, full banking service and a complete corporate kit for the immediate use of your company.

Our service, accompanied by a German full-time lawyer in our company, guarantees you professional support during the entire funding process and offers you a selection of international private and commercial banks as well as fintech companies in Europe, North and South America and in the world’s leading offshore financial centers.

Our Business Center in Hünenberg, Canton Zug/Switzerland, you can use regardless of the state of residence of your company to your liking. Here you will find state-of-the-art office infrastructure, a pleasant working environment in a comfortable business loft in the heart of central Switzerland and in the midst of “CryptoValley”, reception service, co-working space, day offices, meeting rooms with the latest videoconferencing technology and many other business support services. We are happy to help!

The British Virgin Islands – one of the most attractive offshore locations worldwide

The location is characterized by a very company-friendly company and stock corporation law as well as economic and political stability. There is no taxation on sales, international transactions and bank transactions, capital or corporate profits. But not only this makes the Caribbean state one of the leading offshore financial centers in the world. Due to the fast registration within a few days, the high degree of confidentiality, the official language and the US dollar currency, the British Virgin Islands are a preferred place to start a business. The team of the Business Center Zug advises you on the design possibilities competently and comprehensively.

The British Virgin Islands (“Virgin Islands”) is a Caribbean archipelago consisting of over 40 islands. The British Abroad Territory is basically independently ruled and administered, though the supreme governing authority of the British Virgin Islands is Queen Elizabeth II. The Virgin Islands are among the many oldest offshore facilities on the earth. Virtually 41 p.c of all offshore corporations worldwide are based there, and the popular type of firm is the International Business Company (IBC).

Many worldwide banks are represented within the Virgin Islands (Scotia Financial institution, London Worldwide Financial institution and Belief Firm Ltd., The Financial institution of East Asia (BV) Ltd., First Carribean Nationwide Financial institution). Foreign exchange controls are not carried out. This facilitates money transfer for commercial and investment purposes while protecting privacy.

Directors’ and Shareholders’ information will likely be stored confidential and won’t be disclosed to the general public. A listing of Directors and Shareholders isn’t required. Anonymity can also be guaranteed through the use of nomination services – even though the details of the managing directors and shareholders remain confidential.

The US dollar is both legal tender and standard currency. There are no restrictions on the movement of dollar funds. US dollars can be converted freely into other currencies. We will gladly give you further information during a personal consultation in the Business Center Zug.

Hong Kong – Your business location in Asia

Hong Kong has a simple, stable and transparent tax system with the lowest tax rates in the world. The profit generated by Hong Kong PLC will be subject to a corporation tax rate of up to a maximum of 16.5% provided that revenue has been generated in Hong Kong. Gains earned outside the Hong Kong SAR remain tax-exempt in Hong Kong. If all income is earned outside of Hong Kong, the tax administration may apply for an exemption or offshore exemption claim. The big advantage of the offshore status is, apart from the tax exemption, the elimination of the audit report. There are no sales or VAT taxes. Also, no taxes are levied on dividends and capital gains. Import duties only apply to spirits, tobacco, gasoline and diesel and motor vehicles. In addition, there is no VAT, withholding tax and inheritance tax in Hong Kong. There are also no foreign exchange and capital restrictions. For more information, please arrange a consultation in the Business Center Zug!

With more than seven million inhabitants on 1104 square kilometers and a very important financial sector, the economic capital of Hong Kong on the south coast of China is one of the world cities and has become one of the most important trading centers in the world.

Hong Kong is not a typical offshore location. Domestically generated income is subject to corporation tax and the Hong Kong Company is required to maintain an accounting obligation and the obligation to present annual financial statements that comply with the tax return. However, due to its high level of discretion, excellent infrastructure and, above all, its geographic and strategic location, Hong Kong is an ideal location for certain growth industries. This applies primarily to import and export, trading, e-commerce, capital management of own funds, acquisition or possession and sale of holdings and e-shop when using PayPal. In particular, Hong Kong may be worth buying from import-export stores that purchase goods from China.

Hong Kong Private Limited Company (PLC) is by its very nature a limited liability company which can do unlimited business for its own account and enjoys an international reputation. The standard capital amounts to 10,000 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD, pegged to the USD, 1 HKD equals approximately 0.13 CHF), to Shares one HKD, 10,000 Shares. It does not have to be paid in the beginning. Restrictions on the purpose of the company exist only in the case of activities of a bank, insurance, asset management or stock exchange. There is no need for real premises on site. For details, the team of the Business Center Zug advises you comprehensively and competently.