Suspect Detained in stabbing of Winnipeg toddler


Suspect Detained in stabbing of Winnipeg toddler



The aunt of a three-year-old boy who was monstrously stabbed while he slept at the middle of the night says his mum did not know he was assaulted in first.Winnipeg police laid attempted murder charges in connection with the stabbing of Hunter Haze Smith Straight, 3, who stays in hospital at tomb condition.Hunter was stabbed in the throat in his residence on Pritchard Avenue early Wednesday morning.

‘It’s an unthinkable event’: 3, Boy, in illness assault in North End

Daniel Jensen, 33, was arrested Wednesday and he’s also charged using an earlier assault on the young child’s mother.Investigators allege Jensen was together with the kid’s mother, Clarise Smith in a Main Street address early Wednesday after the two got into a fight and she was assaulted.They say he then went to a home in the 300 block of Pritchard Avenue, where the toddler was stabbed multiple times.That Main Street address was a pub where Smith, her sister and Jensen were together.The aunt alleges Jensen assaulted Smith outside the pub and that Smith returned to the pub, bleeding. Jensen left.

Clarice Smith is Hunter’s mother.

The aunt said she and Smith went home at which a sleeping Hunter was being babysat by his cousin, who was also asleep.

The aunt walked Hunter’s room and saw the boy was tucked in, and left him alone.About 20 minutes later, the aunt’s daughter eliminated the blankets onto the boy and found he was stabbed.Police spokesperson Const. Jay Murray reported the kid was especially targeted. “It’s inconceivable to believe somebody would aim an innocent kid, likely one that was attempting to sleep at that time of night and very defenceless,” said Murray Thursday. “I think a lot of individuals are having a hard time grasping that somebody would be capable of doing anything like this.”

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Murray reported the youngster’s mother and the defendant were previously in a connection, but the accused isn’t the boy’s biological father.He acknowledged the accused was under a court order to not contact the mother in the time of the assault.Officers caught up using Jensen Wednesday day and arrested him near McPhillips Street and Leila Avenue without incident.

Dan Jensen

Jensen is facing charges of attempted murder, assault causing bodily injury, failing to comply with a probation order, and six counts of failing to comply with conditions.Friends and household have verified to Global News that the boy’s name is Hunter Haze Smith Straight.

Police investigate after 3, boy , seriously assaulted with a weapon

Police following 3, boy , seriously assaulted with a weapon investigate

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