by Oliver Staab

Nevis offers the highest asset safety within the Carribean and is one of the most attractive offshore locations all over the world. So Nevis LLC is especially attractive to entrepreneurs who live in Switzerland. First of all, Nevis LLC ensures excellent asset protection.

The formation costs about 900 CHF. The annual costs are also only about 900 CHF. Common formation companies for foreign founders are Nevis International Business Company (IBC) and Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC). The tax benefits of Nevis IBC or Nevis LLC can be significant. An Exemption from all local taxes, including income tax, occurs when income and earnings are generated through businesses and activities outside of Nevis.

What is a Nevis LLC?

There are LLCs in Nevis since 1995. Above all, a Nevis LLC is completely anonymous. There are no public registers in which companies appear. Nevis offers highest asset safety within the Carribean. Apart from the owner, the company knows only the country of residence and the commissioned local agent, who is subject to strict secrecy. When founding, a flawless operating agreement also should be followed. There, the ownership structure of the LLC can be very flexible. The administrative burden is minimal. It is limited to an annual return. It will confirm the existence and ownership of the company.

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Nevis LLC even has no accounting obligations. It does not pay taxes in Nevis. Shareholders, beneficiaries and directors are not accessible to the Government of Nevis. They are also not visible to the public. There is no need of publication of annual reports. Nevis offers the highest asset safety within the Carribean! So companies aiming for the highest level of anonymity should inquire more about the company formation on the Caribbean island state. The team of the Business Center Zug is looking forward to your inquiry!

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