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Company formation in Switzerland in case of the hard Brexit

Company formation in Switzerland in case of the hard Brexit

by Oliver Staab

On 31st of October, Great Britain will leave the European Union. In case of a hard Brexit, the formation of a company in Switzerland gets more and more attractive. The United Kingdom and Switzerland have signed an agreement on the rights of citizens, which protects the rights of British nationals in Switzerland under the Free Movement of Persons Agreement, such as residency rights, social security rights or the recognition of professional qualifications. While in the case of a hard Brexit, for example, the freedom of establishment of the European Union will be lost in the relationship between Germany and the United Kingdom, its essential elements will continue to exist between the United Kingdom and Switzerland without any time limit. The Business Center Zug will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to the establishment of a business in Switzerland. For decades, Switzerland has been one of the strongest and most important economies in the world. Swiss precision has long since become the epitome of quality and innovation. Companies from every sector not only find highly qualified personnel and exemplary business development, but also an exemplary infrastructure and particularly business-friendly tax legislation. As a result, Switzerland enjoys the highest reputation as a business location worldwide. Start-ups are quick and uncomplicated, Switzerland promotes the establishment of startups and the development of innovative products and concepts. It is not for nothing that crypto currencies have their origins here in the Canton of Zug, which is home to many global players. Benefit from excellent conditions in the Canton of Zug concerning company formation and ask us about the many possibilities that a company formation in Switzerland in case of the hard Brexit offers to you. We are happy to advise you!

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