Switzerland is rightly regarded as one of the most important and stable economies in the world and enjoys an excellent reputation internationally as a business location. Its geographical location, its high level of education, its streamlined bureaucracy and, above all, its exemplary infrastructure and its high standard of living, characterize the 8 million-plus country in the center of Europe. As a result of its favorable environment, Switzerland is an excellent choice for companies in Europe.

The Business Center Zug accompanies your successful start-up in Switzerland. Benefit from our years of experience!

The most important types of companies in Switzerland are the limited liability company (GmbH) with a capital contribution of only CHF 20,000 and the corporation (AG). Almost every third company founding in Switzerland is now run by a foreigner. For most EU citizens, freedom of movement also applies in Switzerland.

In recent years, the canton of Zug, in which our Business Center is located, has a prominent position in corporate settlements, developing next to Zurich in a globally important financial center. With a tax rate of only 12% in 2019, the canton, which is already the most economically-friendly canton in Switzerland, has become even more interesting. Entrepreneurs can benefit in particular from several tax advantages and liberal economic policy, they have no publicity obligation at the AG, can only be held liable to a limited extent and do not have to name their investors. The AG has the highest acceptance among customers, suppliers and investors.

The legal regulations in Switzerland are very straightforward and entrepreneur-friendly. Many hurdles and stumbling blocks that are placed in the way of company founders elsewhere are not available in Switzerland.

The same applies if no founding of a corporation or partnership is planned, but rather the establishment of a joint venture. Instead, a foreign company can also establish a branch. Such branches have some organizational and financial independence from the parent company. Membership of a professional association or chamber is not a requirement, unlike other states. Provided that all prerequisites are met, a business start-up can be completed within two to three weeks regardless of the sector, in the express procedure, a company is even entered in the commercial register within about five days.