The internationally renowned offshore center Belize offers many advantages, such as the fast registration process, the stable political situation and the high level of confidentiality in accordance with national legislation. The official language is English, which significantly simplifies business start-ups. Due to the legal and tax planning options as well as the low start-up costs, founding a company in Belize is often the first choice. Share capital does not have to be paid in, the anonymous establishment of an International Business Company (IBC) with trustee manager and shareholder is possible. There is no public register of management. Belize offers an exceptional level of anonymity and privacy. Directors, shareholders and officers are not required to have their nationality or personal residence. The Shares may be held by a private individual, a corporation or by a trust/holding company. The Business Center Zug offers comprehensive information about many individual options.

Belize, independent from Great Britain since 1981, is located in the southeast of the Yucatán Peninsula, bordering Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Since the country has a “beneficiary”, unrestricted access to the British Commonwealth, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the EU, if you are a citizen of Belize, you can travel to all European countries, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, without a visa.

The profits of the company, such as dividends and other payments, interest, rents, license income not earned in Belize are not subject to any tax liability in Belize. Capital gains on shares, bonds or other securities are tax-exempt within the Company in Belize.

Offshore companies may be used for financial management, investment holdings, ship or real estate ownership, shareholdings in other companies, leasing of fixed assets, copyright and/or licenses, as well as for general trading.

A company needs neither a current accounting nor a balance sheet at the end of the year and is not subject to a permanent establishment. The capital can be managed in any currency. Belize is the first offshore legal system in Central America, which thanks to the rapid registration allows for the incorporation of companies in 24 hours. For more information, please contact the team of the Business Center Zug.